Swansea: A Great Venue for Festivals and Shopping

Swansea’s busiest tourist season is naturally during its summer months, but because Swansea has so many fun things to offer, people just can’t seem to stay away whatever the season. These travellers will argue that a little rain or snow never hurt anybody, especially if the many delights of Swansea are what you get in return. Besides, a thick coat can always keep the biting cold at bay.

Lovers who are planning their next holiday vacation would be wise to plan according to the climate and weather of their desired destinations. That’s especially true if you’re planning a trip to the city of Swansea, where tourists are advised to visit during the warm summer months of June, July, and August.

The temperatures during the summer reach a comfortable 27 degrees Celsius, and all of the top tourist attractions in Swansea are open and fully operational during summer for everyone to enjoy. However, it is still recommended that visitors pack some rain gear in their bags because you never know when the sky will pour in oft-rainy Swansea.

When visiting Swansea during the off season, couples can always look forward to the wonderful annual festivals held there. During the autumn and winter seasons, lovers have their choice from among the Swansea Festival of Music and the Arts, the Dylan Thomas Festival, and the Beyond TV International Film Festival.

The Swansea Festival of Music and the Arts is a three-week long celebration of culture. It is the second largest festival in all of Britain and is held October each year at different venues all over Swansea.

The Dylan Thomas Festival celebrates the life and work of Swansea’s greatest literary son. Held each year from October 27 (Thomas’ date of birth) to November 9 (Thomas’ date of death), the festival is also where the winner of the prestigious local writing competition is awarded the much coveted Dylan Thomas Prize.

The Beyond TV International Film Festival is what The Guardian calls an “annual celebration of underground media”. It is where films of every genre and of every subject matter are screened. The Beyond TV International Film Festival is held at the Dylan Thomas Centre in November or December.

The weather during spring and summer in Swansea makes it conducive for even more parties, celebrations, and festivities. If you and your loved one decide to visit Swansea during the summer months, make sure you plan ahead what festivals to attend because there will be so many to choose from.

One festival held in spring and summer is the SeaSwansea Festival. This sea-themed festival hosts singers, musicians, street entertainers, and bands from all over performing at the National Waterfront Museum grounds. A two-day affair, the SeaSwansea Festival is open to everyone.

The World Party Weekend and Mass Carnival is another open-for-all festival where Swansea’s ethnic diversity is celebrated. Focusing more on the Caribbean and African cultures, this festival and carnival is also held on the grounds of the National Waterfront Museum.

Couples who love to party and dance can get their groove on at the Escape into the Park festival. Held at Singleton Park, Escape into the Park is one big dance party where pop and dance music is played well into the night. Singleton Park can hold as much as 25,000 people at one time. The Escape into the Park festival is certainly a dance and music extravaganza that you will never forget.

If you and your partner have had your fill of all those festivals, it’s time to take out your shopping list and pick up some souvenirs from the various stores and shops in Swansea. Some popular take home items are Welsh love spoons (the perfect gift for lovers); woven cloths with traditional Welsh patterns, the Swansea specialty laverbread, luxurious Swansea Michton chocolates, quality Murroughs Welsh brew tea, and the quintessential board game of Monopoly.

Some excellent shops where you can purchase the above-mentioned souvenirs and other novelty items are the Sheep Shop, the Love Spoon Gallery, Goose Island, Celfi Gallery and Gift Shop, Oriel Ceri Richards Gallery, and the Chocolate Factory.

Other wonderful shopping destinations are the main shopping areas of Quadrant Centre and Oxford Street. There’s also the historical Swansea City Market which dates back to medieval times. High Street is the place to go for lovers who need to stock up on backpacking, hiking, and travelling gear and supplies. And since Swansea is the birthplace of Dylan Thomas, you will naturally find a great selection of bookstores and literary shops here.

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