Key Attractions of Swansea

Let the city of Swansea sweep you and your loved one away with its beautiful sights and sounds. Swansea is the perfect place for a romantic getaway, where couples can indulge in wide array of delightful places to see and things to do. Fall in love all over again in these exquisite and charming destinations in Swansea.

Historical Sites and Castles
The landscape of Swansea is dotted with many fine castles and other historical sites. Take a leap back in time as you explore these places and spend some quality time with your significant other.

  1. Swansea Castle – The ruins of this once majestic castle lay in sharp contrast to the busy city roads and modern buildings of Swansea. When evening rolls around, spotlights illuminate this dramatic visual, enticing lovers to take a romantic stroll down the castle’s halls and pathways. Swansea Castle is located near the city centre.


  1. Oystermouth Castle – Oystermouth Castle is the Gower Peninsula’s most magnificent castle. Well preserved to date, lovers will find plenty to explore together in Oystermouth Castle, including its historic battlements, towers, and dungeons. Oystermouth Castle can be found in the resort town of Mumbles.

Other historical sites of note are the castles at Oxwich, Pennard, and Weobley, all located in the Gower Peninsula.

Culture and the Arts
Couples with a keen interest in culture and the arts can immerse themselves in Swansea’s rich heritage, evident in the city’s theatres, concert halls, museums, and art galleries.

  1. Swansea Museum – Founded in 1841, the Swansea Museum is the oldest museum in all of Wales. Send a day browsing through the museum’s extensive collection of treasures and artefacts. Swansea Museum is open Tuesday to Sunday and admission is free.


  1. National Waterfront Museum – The National Waterfront Museum lets you experience the trials and tribulations of the Industrial Revolution through multimedia presentations, interactive displays, and state-of-the devices. One of the newest attractions in Wales, the museum is in Swansea’s Maritime Quarter and is open daily.
  1. Dylan Thomas Centre – Swansea is proud to be the birthplace of one of the world’s most influential poets, Dylan Thomas. Examine the life and the poems of Swansea’s celebrated literary son in the Dylan Thomas Centre. The centre is open daily from 10am to 4:30pm.


  1. Glynn Vivian Art Gallery – The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery houses select pieces of Old Masters, artwork from local artists, and a fine collection of Swansea china. Come and admire the amazing works of art Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm.
  1. Brangwyn Hall – This main cultural centre is a favourite venue of concerts, award shows, and special ceremonies. Sir Frank Brangwyn’s murals, also collectively known as the British Empire Panels, can be found here. Brangwyn Hall is situated within the Guildhall.


The list doesn’t end there. Other places that art-loving couples can visit are the Ceri Richards Art Gallery, the Attic Gallery, and the Egypt Centre. They can also drop in on one of the famous Welsh Male Voice Choirs’ rehearsals and be serenaded by their beautiful singing.

Parks and Gardens
Lovers will delight in each other’s company as they walk hand in hand at Swansea’s beautiful parks and gardens. Swansea boasts of some of the best in the UK.

  1. Singleton Park – Famous for its botanical gardens, Singleton Park is also host to many other attractions such as a boating lake, a Swiss cottage, and the Swansea University. Singleton Park is in Gower Road and is open every day.


  1. Clyne Gardens – Clyne Gardens features a fine selection of exotic flowers and lush plants but it is most famous for its internationally renowned collections of Rhododendrons, Pieris and Enkianthus. Lovers will truly enjoy the serenity of this garden sanctuary. Clyne Gardens is open year round. The best time to visit is in May during the Clyne in Bloom Festival.
  1. Plantasia – Plantasia houses thousands of species of plants and flowers, but it is not just about plants. Plantasia is also the place called home by of some of Swansea’s most unusual and exotic animals. This 3-climate hothouse lets couples take pleasure in all that Plantasia has to offer year round, 7 days a week.


Other parks and gardens to visit in Swansea are the Cwmdonkin Park, Brynmill Park, and Victoria Park.

Beaches and Leisure Centres
With 34 miles of gorgeous coastline, Swansea also has something to offer couples who seek thrills – or a place to spend some time alone together.

  1. Oxwich Bay – This is Swansea’s award-winning beach and its golden sands and clear blue waters can attest to that. Both The Guardian and Travel Magazine have given accolades to Oxwich Bay, naming it one of Britain’s Top 10 Sandy Beaches and the Most Beautiful Beach in the UK respectively.


  1. LC – Slated to open in early 2008 in Swansea, this multi-million leisure centre is a water park, a spa, a surfing site, a wall climbing venue, and a gym rolled into one. Sure to become a major tourist attraction, couples will have many activities to fill their day in LC.

For those who want more, other award-winning Swansea beaches are Rhossili Bay, Llangennith Beach, and Three Cliffs Bay. Some of 2007’s Blue Flag Beaches include Bracelet Bay, Caswell Bay, and Langland Bay, all of which are located in Swansea. Additional outdoor leisure venues to visit in Swansea are the Chocolate Factory and Mumbles Pier.

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