Driving, Cycling and Cruising Around Swansea

One of the best ways for couples to get to know each other better is to travel together to a new and enticing place. They will find that Swansea’s breathtaking surroundings and spectacular sceneries are the perfect backdrop for their next romantic getaway. Wales’ second largest city offers lovers many things to do -- from the most relaxing and secluded activities to the most exciting and fun-filled adventures. There is always something for everyone in the UK’s first ever “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty”.

Couples can easily take in Swansea’s beautiful sights and sounds since there are many ways of getting around the city. Buses run by the First Bus Company can be found all over town and have stops in all of the Swansea’s suburbs and the Gower Peninsula. Taxis are also easily available in Swansea, with the main taxi lines located just outside of High Street Station, right beside St. Mary’s Church.

Lovers who want more privacy and freedom in choosing their destinations can opt to rent a car and drive around Swansea by themselves. The naturally beautiful landscape of Swansea makes for a relaxing and enjoyable drive and maps are readily available in any shop. Couples may start their drive at the city centre and pass through some picturesque towns and stunning coastlines such as Caswell Bay, Reynolston, Bracelet Bay, Parkmill, Llangeneth Beach, Rhossili Bay, Oldwalls, and of course, the resort town of Mumbles. Some of the recommended stopovers during a drive through Swansea are the Gower Heritage Centre in Parkmill, Arthur’s Stone in Cefn Bryn, King Arthur’s Hotel in Reynolston, Castellamare Café in Bracelet Bay, Verdis Café in Mumbles, and the Mumbles Village itself.

Of course, Swansea Bay would not be a world renowned resort town if it did not offer some of the best cruises along the stretch of its gorgeous coastlines. Couples can wine and dine while cruising along the Gower coast on the MV Balmoral or on the Waverley. Euphoria Sailing Limited and Gower Coast Adventures both offer trips around the Gower coast on motor boats and luxurious yachts. Lovers who want to be alone and have a little extra cash can choose to have their own private cruise, which is offered by the South Wales Cruising Company.

Another way of getting around Swansea while squeezing in some exercise at the same time is by cycling. Rent a bike at the city centre‘s bike rental shops and choose from any of Swansea’s four main cycling routes: the Jersey Marine and Fabian Way Trail, the River Tawe Trail, the Promenade Trail, and the Clyne Valley Trail. Couples will enjoy a lot of places of interest while cycling on these trails, including the Liberty Stadium, the Marina, magnificent views of the Swansea Bay, and the Clyne Country Park. Swansea is part of the National Celtic Cycling Trail.

Sports-oriented couples can participate in other active endeavours in Swansea such as swimming, kayaking, surfing, sailing, and wakeboarding. Popular beaches for swimming in Swansea are Langland Bay and Caswell Bay. Both beaches have round the clock supervision from lifeguards on duty. The Mumbles Sailing Club, Rainbow Sailing, and Euphoria Sailing all offer sailing lessons to couples who wish to avail of them. The Swansea Yacht and Sub Aqua Club, the Mumbles Yacht Club, and Watersports 4 All all offer guides and lessons for various kinds of water activities in Swansea Bay and Oxwich Bay. Swansea surfing clubs such as the Gower Bay Surf Club and the Langland Board Riders all provide surfboard rentals, surf instructors, and surfing lessons.

Couples who are travelling with young kids can also have an enjoyable time in Swansea. There are many activities for children in Swansea that guarantee fun and entertainment for kids and adults alike. Couples can try bringing their children aboard the Swansea Bay Rider, a land train that takes passengers from St. Helen’s Ground to the Southend Gardens in Mumbles. The Swansea Bay Rider is great for sightseeing and spending some quality time with your kids.

Another Swansea attraction that children love is the Chocolate Factory located in the Swansea West Industrial Park. After all, what child doesn’t love chocolate? Organized field trips, guided tours, and free chocolate samples are available on request. Couples will find it hard to resist taking a bite out of a sweet or two.

Lastly, couples with children can have a fun time at the many attractions along the Swansea promenade. They can choose to try their hand at crazy golf, play with the kids in Blackpill Lido’s interactive playground, go boating at the boating lake, or just take a relaxing and scenic walk along Swansea Bay.

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